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Student Activity Clubs

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club welcomes students who would like to spend an hour or two each month outside admiring and studying the wonders of the universe. Bring something to sit on, a star map and a low power torch, as well as a pair of binoculars. Contact Student Services (623-0518) for further information.

Bible Study Club

The Bible Study Club aims to facilitate a non-denominational study of the Bible. Discussing the origin, authorship and significance of the Bible is among the varied areas of focus. We also examine the relevance of biblical truths to contemporary life. Contact coordinator Ms. Erica Gordon (egordon@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

Debate & Parliamentary Society

This club offers an exciting and lively venue to develop or enhance critical, creative and analytical thinking skills in tandem with persuasive speech and effective communication. Sure to be a big hit with students interested in pursuing a career in law, public policy, or politics. Very helpful for students wishing to develop and invite other points of view. Contact Student Services (623-0541) for further information.

Five-a-Side Indoor Football

Five-a-side football is for fun and skill development. Students form their own teams for a knockout competition! Contact coordinator Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

Gaming Club

Xboxes and Sony PlayStations are the platform for these gaming competitions. UCCI supplies the TV screens and students bring their own gaming gear. Strategic thinking and applied mind skills will be challenged. Let the games begin!!! Contact Student Services (623-0541) for further information.

Men of Standard

Men of Standard is a programme designed to help UCCI’s young men navigate the challenges of a changing Caymanian society. Young men must distinguish themselves by right conduct, deportment, speech and dress. The programme seeks to empower young men by instilling in them a sense of self-respect, confidence, etiquette, courage and responsibility. The programme is organised into a series of interactive and dynamic modules, each dealing with a particular topic/aspect of a young man’s upbringing. The Men of Standard programme is hosted by UCCI President Mr. Roy Bodden. Contact Ms. Wendy Lauer (wlauer@ucci.edu.ky) for further information.

Speakers Forum

Are you interested in planning for and securing speakers of interest to other students on a regular basis? If so, then this is the club for you. Members would canvas students as to what they want to hear, find speakers, arrange logistics, and advertise among students. The club may also wish to select speakers from among the student body -- or even the staff. In addition to bringing in speakers to widen the exposure of the student body, this affords an opportunity for students to network with influential and interesting persons in the community and to develop their skills in organizing and coordinating. Contact coordinator Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

UCCI Choir

Like to sing? Want to be a part of something that’s fun, creative and stimulating? The UCCI Choir wants you!!! Contact coordinator Mr. Glen Inanga (ginanga@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

UCCI Steel Pan Band "Pandemix"

If you have rhythm and want to express it, the Steel Pan Band “Pandemix” will give you an outlet to release that vibe! Great pans to play in a group that’s welcoming, positive and harmonious!!! Contact coordinator Mr. Glen Inanga (ginanga@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

UCCI Cricket Team

Come out to bowl and bat with the UCCI's Cricket Team!! Contact coordinator, Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky), to get on the email list and for meeting times.

UCCI Dance Troupe

Reggae! Hip-hop! Soca! Dance Hall! Ballet! Meringue! This club offers participants a chance to learn a variety of fun and energetic dance forms while getting a great workout at the same time. All skill levels are welcome. Just bring your rhythm and let your feet and body feel the vibe. Dance club members will also work to perform at various institutional and community events.  Contact coordinator Monica Lawrence (mlawrence@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

Women of Character

The Women of Character workshops are for UCCI’s young women. These robust and interactive workshops will teach young women how to be strong in character, persuasive and articulate in speech, tolerant in world view, internally powerful and grace-filled. A young woman’s mind and heart twirl with dreams and ideas. She has stirrings that need a voice, yet she is often tempted to quiet her imagination, ingenuity and talent.

The Women of Character workshops will teach you to find your courage, ring your voice, and effectively meet the demands of work, study and home. The Women of Character workshops are for all young ladies who wish to enhance their communication skills, become effective decision makers and develop a vibrant inner self that is discerning, resilient and joyful. Contact Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky) to get on the email list and for meeting times.

Science Club

The UCCI Science Club allows students who share a common interest in the sciences to get together outside of classroom hours. In this setting, classmates can meet to discuss science interests, organize club activities, or just enjoy a little time away from their busy schedule. As determined by the student members, the Science Club can spend time organizing fund-raisers for club activities and field trips, invite guest speakers, provide community-related services, and take part in UCCI organized functions. Contact Student Services (623-0541) for further information.

Drama Club

This club meets on Wednesdays where they create and perform skits of all types. Contact coordinator Ms. Annette Murphy (amurphy@ucci.edu.ky) or Student Services (623-0541) for further information.

Leo Club

The Leo club meets on Fridays at 3:00 pm. Come out and get into service-learning by helping this Club give back to the community. Contact coordinator Ms. Belinda Blessitt (bblessitt@ucci.edu.ky) for further information.

UCCI Netball

The UCCI Netball team plays in the B division of the CI Netball Association. Training starts in the Fall. To be a member of this team, contact Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky).

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

This group meets once during the week to have bible discussions and fellowship. Their signature event is the Ecumenical service that is put on for students and staff at the beginning of the Spring semester. For meeting times and additional information, please contact Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky).

Writing Club

The purpose of the Writing Club is to facilitate students interested in having an enjoyable outlet to explore their own minds by engaging in different writing activities. This club will introduce students to a new form of expression, or simply build upon already existing talent; indulging in poetry, song writing and short stories in an inspirational and relaxed environment. For meeting times and additional information, please contact Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky).

UCCI Volleyball Team

UCCI has a co-ed volleyball team that is trained by coaches from the CI Volleyball Association. Contact Mr. Mitch Ebanks (mebanks@ucci.edu.ky ) for further information.








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