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Apply for Admission

Applying to UCCI

In order to enrol in a programme, you must first submit an Application for Admission to UCCI:


  1. APPLY ONLINE: Complete the Application for Admission (online)
  2. PRINT & SIGN: Once you have submitted your online Application for Admission, you will be taken to a confirmation page, showing your completed Application for Admission (you will also receive a copy by email). Print this confirmation page and sign where indicated. If you notice any errors, please correct those on your printout. NOTE: This is not an acceptance letter! Your application is not complete until all of the following steps have been completed.
  3. SUBMIT: In order to complete the application process, you must submit the following to UCCI (at the Main Administration Office):
    • Your signed Application for Admissions
    • Passport-Sized Full Face Photo
    • High School Transcript
    • Certified copy of External Examination Grades
    • Mature Applicants (over 21 without academic qualifications, but with work experience): In lieu of grades, you may submit a letter from your employer which states the number of years of employment and which clearly indicates its relation to the intended field of study.
    • Application Fee ($25, non-refundable)

NB: An application is not complete until all items are received from a prospective student.

If your application is approved, you will receive an official acceptance letter from the Registrar's office, confirming your acceptance to UCCI. Your acceptance letter will include your Student ID number - please keep this letter in your files, as you will be asked to provide your Student ID regularly throughout your time at UCCI (in particular, you will need to know your Student ID number in order to access grades and for routine correspondence with UCCI).

Can I Apply if I'm not Caymanian?

If you are not a Caymanian, you must meet the Cayman Islands Immigration requirements. Typically, students will be required to submit an acceptance letter from UCCI with their application for a student visa. This process can take several months.







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