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Beginning in Fall 2013, UCCI implemented a new internationally benchmarked GPA Grade System.

The system applies to all students enrolled at UCCI at the time of the change. This system does not change the GPAs of those who have already graduated. The GPA they attained remain the same.

All grades obtained before Fall 2013 are calculated under the old GPA system. All grades earned as of Fall 2013 are calculated under the new GPA system. This describes the blended system which affects current students who enrolled before Fall 2013.

Examine the current and proposed GPA systems. Items to note:

  1. Current System does not have an A-
  2. Current system elevates GPA
  3. Proposed system requires at least a C average to graduate
  4. Proposed system moves D from 45% mastery in current system to 50% mastery

New UCCI Grade System


  1. In an effort to continue our commitment towards meeting internationally recognised standards, UCCI adopted a new system with grade equivalents that are comparable with overseas universities.
  2. The minimum international standard for graduation eligibility is an average GPA of 2.0 which is equivalent to a grade of C. However, under the old system , a 2.0 is equivalent to a C- (55% level of mastery). In the new system they would have to achieve at least a C average (60% mastery) in order to graduate. Note that the minimum standard for graduation eligibility will remain unchanged at 2.0.
  3. Under the new system, a 3.0 GPA will be equivalent to a B (75% mastery) rather than a B- (70% mastery).
  4. The old UCCI system does not include a grade of A-. This means that a student who achieves 100% mastery in a class gets the same grade of A as a student who achieves an 84.5% mastery. The new system will allow students who obtain at least an 84% mastery will receive a grade of A– and those who achieve 90% mastery level a grade of A.
  5. Ensure that the public recognise UCCI's GPA system as on par with standards.
  6. Build a sense of pride in achievement and develop a drive for excellence among students.


Q: Is the new system retroactive?
A: No, the grades you earned prior on the old GPA scale will not be changed.

Q: When did this take effect?
A: The new GPA scale was implemented beginning in Fall 2013.

Q: What is the reason behind the change?
A: UCCI is striving to ensure that our GPA scale meets internationally recognised standards. We want to bring the minimum graduation mastery level from 55% to 60% mastery. We will also introduce a grade of A- on the new scale and fill the mastery gap between the B+ and an A. We want to set our academic standards high and to a level which is on par with other international institutions.

Q: Will this grading system affect our credits?
A: Credits earned prior to the implementation of the new system are not be affected. Additionally, credit hours per courses do not change.

Q. Will this affect the students WHO HAVE ALREADY GRADUATED?
A: No. All grades earned by students prior to the implementation remain the same. The new GPA scale only affects grades earned in Fall 2013 and beyond.

Q: Will there be some form of notification on the transcript of the old and new GPA scale?
A: Yes. The back of official transcripts will have both the old and new GPA scale and their respective periods of effectivity.

Q: Can I just finish out my degree with the GPA I started with?
A: No. Once the new GPA scale took effect, the old GPA scale ceased to be used for grade calculations. Some students will have grades on their transcript which will be blended – course grades which comprise of the old GPA scale and grades from the new GPA scale. For example: A student who has taken classes in Summer 2013 will have grades from the old GPA scale. If they registered for classes in Fall 2013, they will have grades on the new GPA scale.


UCCI is committed towards producing graduates who are able to compete in a global environment.





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