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About the UCCI School of Nursing


The mission of the UCCI School of Nursing, the premier provider of professional nursing education in the Cayman Islands, is to prepare students to be highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate professional nurses through committed educators, world-class technology and current scientific knowledge and pedagogies.

Overview of the Programme

The four (4) year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing programme is designed to prepare nurses as generalist with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice at the entry level within the legal and ethical framework of professional nursing.

The programme provides a foundation in the sciences and liberal arts for a professional career in a dynamic and diverse society, as well as entry into advanced studies. It fosters critical thinking, integrated nursing knowledge, skills and professional attitude necessary for assisting individuals and groups achieve and maintain optimum health.

Upon completion of this programme, the graduate is prepared to provide comprehensive care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels within hospitals and community settings.

Programme Goals

The goals of the programme are to prepare graduates capable of:

  1. Obtaining the title of Registered Nurse;
  2. Practicing within the professional standards, legislation and values of the nursing profession;
  3. Functioning nationally and globally as beginning practitioners, committed to the total wellbeing of the patient system (individual, family and community), and as responsible citizens;
  4. Assuming leadership roles in partnership with patients and the health care team;
  5. Demonstrating accountability for personal and professional actions;
  6. Maintaining professional competence through lifelong learning.





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