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The Department of Math and Sciences is a diverse group of faculty and students focused on the study of Math and Sciences. Mathematics is the universal language of the sciences and is essential to the technological evolution of our society. At UCCI, you will have an opportunity to see numerous applications involving contemporary and innovative approaches to mathematics. Our aim is to train individuals in mathematics and Sciences, both as courses in themselves and as disciplines that aid in the development of other social and scientific fields. In addition, students and faculty regularly collaborate with colleagues in other departments and institutions to foster truly interdisciplinary approaches both in the classroom and in the environmental setting.

About the Department

We offer two majors, associate in Math and Associate in Science. We are waiting for the approval of three bachelor's programs right now - bachelor's degree programs in Nursing, in Environmental Science and in Biomedical Sciences. The Department of Math and Sciences offers transfer associate degree programs in conjunction with other four-year colleges and universities in United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The department is proud of the education we provide to students in our courses at all levels.

The Objective of the Department of Mathematics and Science is threefold:

  1. To acquaint students with scientific methodologies, critical thinking, and the history of scientific thought.
  2. To address the interface between science and art, architecture, and design, whether it be through the physics of light, the chemistry of color, the biology of form, or the mathematics of symmetry
  3. To educate students so that they can respond intelligently and critically to today's new developments in science and Mathematics and to make informed decisions regarding current scientific matters which affect public policy issues and ethics.

The department has approximately 8 full-time faculty members and about 5 adjunct faculties and a lab technician.



Head Shot - Tracey HargraveMs. Tracey Hargrave
Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: 623-0548

Head Shot - Deborah BealDr. Deborah Beal
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Office: 623-5034
Mr. Christopher Parrett
Senior Lecturer
Office: 623-0531
Head Shot - Antoinette GayleMs. Antoinette Gayle
Senior Lecturer
Office: 623-0538
Head Shot - Raymond JonesMr. Raymond Jones
Chair, Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education
Office: 623-0544
Mobile: 526-0544

Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Richard McLeod
Lab Technician
Ms. Brandi Propas
Ms. Tania Johnson
Adjunct Professor
Mr. Edward Jerrard
Mr. Emerald Mohammed
Office: 623-0511
Mr. Yoshneck Mutomba






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