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Department of Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education

"Furthering the Education of Cayman’s Workforce Today & Tomorrow"

Greetings from the Department Head

Are you thinking about career progression, changing jobs or looking to follow your passion for a particular subject? Whatever your reason studying a part-time course can unlock your potential and with it impart a great sense of personal achievement. The Department of Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education has a long established track record delivering a wide selection of relevant courses and programmes. These vary in duration from 7, 14, 28 or 35 weeks but all require part-time attendance during the evening sessions, typically between 5.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Some programs lead to transnational qualification. Lecturers are often practitioners drawn from the Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

Entry is generally open, although where a candidate might appear inadequately prepared to cope with the demands of a particular course or program, an alternative bridging course would be suggested to ensure maximum educational gain and also enjoyment.

A typical evening class will obviously reflect a cross-section of Caymanian Society in terms of age bandwidth and whilst UCCI is neither a high school nor a boot-camp there are regulations that are enforced to ensure the learning environment is orderly and correct, yet relaxed and friendly. Mobile telephones are thus prohibited in the learning environment, be it classroom or workshop. Similarly, loud, disrespectful behavior and inappropriate dress are not acceptable.

The demand for courses naturally reflects market trends and whilst courses will always be offered to satisfy a proven demand, restrictions exist concerning the minimum and maximum student number for any given class. For some programmes an interview may be required prior to registration.

Certification for all courses other than for some leisure courses is based on student attainment not merely attendance, although 90% attendance is generally required for certification. Assessment may be by means of an end examination or course/project work or a combination of both. Text books, which may be obtained from the College Bookstore, are generally required for all courses, with the exception of some workshop-based courses.

A list of courses and programmes is available from the UCCI Administration Office or in the Course Calendars section prior to the start of each semester.


Mr. Raymond Jones
Chair - Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education

Departmental Profile

The Department has been an integral part of UCCI’s mission to provide worthwhile education & training for all who require it, whether refresher courses in academic subjects or specialised instruction to promote career or lifestyle development. The specific nature of some courses often require delivery by practitioners i.e. adjunct lecturers-instructors who are not full-time faculty members but who are drawn from the commercial and industrial sectors in Grand Cayman. This is especially the case with the technical programmes. However different the skill sets and professional background of our teaching staff may be, they all have one common aim: dedication to the cause of fulfilling the objectives of the Department which are:

  • Enhancing career prospects in the technical/vocational sector
  • Compensating for lack of academic qualifications at secondary education level
  • Enabling the pursuit of personal, leisure-related interests








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