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The Civil Service Colleges' vision is to inspire, engage, and realize the potential of people for public service excellence in a global market-place through life-long learning opportunities. The CSC approach to learning is a competency-based learning model which goes beyond the traditional approach to education. The competency-based approach to learning touches on all learning pathways offered by the CSC including face2face, workshops, blended learning and online learning. A competency based model of learning provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience that are directly associated with the capacity to do a function or set of functions at a specific level of performance and under certain conditions. Competency based development provided to enable all civil servants to:

  • Do the work currently assigned at the standards of excellence expected of civil servants.
  • Continually enhance specific job competencies in order to constantly improve performance.
  • Work collaboratively with co-workers & supervisors towards achieving common organizational and departmental objectives.
  • Realize their full career potential.
  • Enhance capacity to do more complex work & handle higher levels of responsibility and functions that are vital to the strategic development and future goals of public service organizations.
  • Manage their personal career development for life-long success.

The objectives of each course are to achieve measurable and concrete job competencies. The length of study depends on an individual student's ability and dedication, not on a traditional school calendar. In competency based education if a student fails to achieve the standards required they are provided multiple opportunities to succeed in achieving the required competences. Learning is designed for student success by providing multiple learning pathways to achieve the desired competencies.

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