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Administrative and Academic Committee

Mr. J.A. Roy Bodden, JP, UCCI President

Dr. Livingston Smith, Acting Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Kwabena Asamoah, Dean of Administration
Ms. Allison Anglin, Registrar
Ms. Stephanie Azan, Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Erica Gordon, Chair, Arts and Humanities
Ms. Tracey Hargrave, Chair, Math and Science
Dr. Belinda Blessitt Vincent, Chair, Business Studies
Prof. Ray Jones, Chair, Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education
Prof. Eustache Placide, Chair, Computer Science and Engineering
Dr. Robert Weishan, Director, Professional Development Centre & Civil Service College
Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett, Director, Graduate Studies
Mr. Mitch Ebanks, Director, Student Services
Mr. Martin Keeley, Director, Brac Campus
Ms. Terica Larmond, Director, School of Nursing
Mr. Wayne Jackson, Director, School of Hospitality Studies
Ms. Lucille Kong, Director, Learning Resource Centre (Library)
Ms. Kristel Sanchez, Director, Marketing, PR and Alumni
Mr. Walling Whittaker, Manager, Human Resources
Ms. Antoinette Gayle, Senior Lecturer, Faculty Representative elected by the Faculty
Mr. Charles Lewinson, Student Representative
Ms. Shena Ebanks, Board representative
Ms. Clyte Linwood, Board representative
Mr. Phillip Scott, Board representative (Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculure and Lands)
Mr. Fernando McLaughlin, Manager, Facilities, non-teaching staff representative appointed by the Board
Mr. Marlon Bryan, Supervisor, Help Desk, non-teaching staff representative appointed by the Board



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